HOW TO PLAY offers the family, child, artist, and educator messages, ideas, and experiences that support and inspire joy, creativity, peaceful exchanges, and care of our whole planet.

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Creative consciousness evolves the planet and keeps us connected to the vision of infinite possibility.  As we raise compassionate families and individuals on the planet who are guided to understand the connection between the value, quality, and respect that must be given to all life, including their own, we evolve the

world forward towards peace.

As families, we nourish our inner well of fulfillment primarily through a dedication to the positive growth of our relationships. When we actively endeavor to build our connection and presence in relationship to ourselves and others in loving ways, we practice the art of happiness and find deep meaning through our shared experiences.  As families and children, this is of utmost importance in terms of how we feel about life, and how we engage with day to day living. Authentic fulfillment and happiness allows us to be more compassionate and open towards others, differences, and the diversity that is the nexus of all life. This openness is the foundation of peace and compassionate interconnectivity throughout our planet. The achievement of this peace relates and revolves as much around nature and our care of it, as it does our vast and diverse spectrum of human experiences and relationships to be had. Our children and family can be at the center of our practice through a simple and sustainable approach.

We nurture and inspire the family, the spirit, and the imagination the world throughout. We believe in kindness and that through approaching life with peaceful offering and intention through play that we bring more light to our globe. By celebrating the diversity of life, we promote a landscape on which justice and the equal value of all life is respected, embraced, and upheld. As children and families, we do this intentionally – and we do it together!


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