Our World Studio

How To Play is our Studio for the world.

Through the OWS feature of PLAYBOX, each week 

we will explore, express, and share about art, structures, music, architecture, science, story, astronomy, nature’s expanse, and the manifold cultures that are the endless permutations of life. 

From our own backyards, parks, and gardens, to exotic and far away landscapes across the globe, life as a living, breathing, and designing entity provides an endless plethora of visual and sonic ornament. The world exists as field of infinite perception and creative possibility. We’ll give attention to replenishing ourselves with whimsy, light, and more curious quest for knowledge.   And, we’ll make big, honoring, and building ripples that will creatively affect the good growth of the world.  

Week to week, season to season we will wonder, enrich, and aspire with you!  We will celebrate the diversity of people and of the planet and support strong declarations and initiatives of social justice.  We will behold and remember Earth as a living biosphere, our home, and encourage play that sustains it. Join Our World Studio through How To Play! Let us remind each other, as we are in it together, humankind.