Khahtee V. Turner is the  Founder & Director of Studio Creative Play and The Roberts Field School. This Summer 2018 she launches How To Play

through Studio Creative Play World. 

Khahtee is a community leader, an educational visionary, and a humanitarian and advocate for the propagation of the arts, creative enrichment, and compassionate awareness practices and offerings in early childhood. For the last 15 years at Studio—alongside artists, musicians, and educators—Khahtee has lead a unique, comprehensive, and transcendent community experience. Through its mission, Studio holistically nurtures the awakening and blooming of each individual’s voice and expressive capacity in the most sacred and salient time of formative development: early childhood.

Alongside the ongoing growth of Studio, Khahtee founded The Roberts Field School, a kindergarten through 5th grade program, which she also directs. In the establishment of Roberts Field, she maintains her devotion to offer the community the tenets and practices of Studio through an interdisciplinary approach to elementary education.

Khahtee has also taken her program worldwide to share these foundations of nurturing creative consciousness and interconnectivity with our global neighbors. She has taken educational experiences and resources to remote and underdeveloped areas of Mexico and Nepal, and has shared resources and global community workshops during

her visits to Icelandic schools.

And in any morsel of her free time, Khahtee can be found running, surfing, playing cello, meditating, and jumping in wholeheartedly with her beloved eleven-year-old son and five-year-old daughter in all that the world has to offer. She lives and works between Brooklyn, New York and Northampton,  Massachusetts.

How To Play empowers families and children, artists and educators throughout their days and seasons with enriching thoughts and messages about the gift, abundance, and practice of compassionate play on Earth.  It is inspired and informed by her holistic early childhood enrichment program Studio Creative Play in Brooklyn, New York, that has nurtured community and creativity for the last 15 years, and the most recent advent of The Roberts Field School, K- 5th Grade Elementary Education- Unifying Arts, Academics, Creative Expression, and The Natural Landscape in the Whole Field of Learning.

Studio Creative Play World cares deeply about the condition of Earth and seeks to partner in the process of playing responsibly and sustainably upon it.


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