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The Nurture of Creative Consciousness

In Early Childhood -

in the realm of infinite possibility.


How To Play offers the family, the child, the artist, and the educator messages, ideas, and experiences that support and inspire joy, creativity, peaceful exchanges, and care

of our whole planet.

This is How To Play! 



as a family

We find and create joy in life by assuming that grace and
beauty are abundant and abounding. 
This allows us to perceive the interconnected harmony in which we are enveloped, and to perceive life’s elements as there to delight us and to bask within together. Joy is all surrounding and free, and as families and children it is our birthright.



on earth

Adventure is our activity. Adventure is our movement in the world as 

we interact and create in our experience. 

Each adventure on Earth can begin with the elements right there before us, free and available. Discovery is our birthright. We deserve the regular opportunity to touch and connect with the earth, and to feel it that up close in all of its decoration, exquisite composition, and wonder. Our children can grow and learn enveloped in these marvels of life which sustain our playing and believing.



To bring undistracted presence and attention to the parts of our life that we love the most takes practice. Being present is a muscle that we develop through desire,

consistency, and solid intention.


To be fully present to a time, a person, or an experience strengthens our minds and hearts, and provides holistic balance. Slowing our pace and bringing mindful focus to our family and children should cost us nothing and replenish us in ways that are invaluable. That’s right – playing is free, and it is our greatest internal asset and long-term investment.

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at play

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How To Play is our Studio for the world. We explore and share art, structures, music, architecture, science, astronomy, nature's expanse, and the manifold cultures that are the endless

permutations of life.

We nurture and inspire the family, the spirit, and the imagination the world throughout. We believe in kindness, and that through approaching life with peaceful offering and intention through play we bring more light to our globe. By celebrating the diversity of life, we promote a landscape on which justice and the equal value of all life is respected, embraced, and upheld. As children and families, we can do this intentionally – and we do it together!